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Legend Corp
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We are a leading online media group, creating exceptional products which our users love. Internet media, advertising and marketing is what we eat, sleep, and breathe.

Through quality content, mouth watering design and cutting edge technology we create engaging products that deliver outstanding results.

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What We Do

Product Design & Development

The foundations of a winning product is tailoring it from the ground up. We combine user needs, data, strategy and the current product landscape to build something truly special.

Together, our exceptional team have taken raw concepts and built hundreds of successful online products.

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Content Production

Our team produces integrated, high-quality content that speaks directly to the reader. Last year we published over 12 million words worth of content in 10+ different languages.

Data Driven Digital Marketing

Our team of experts spend hours with our users every week to ensure we create epic online experiences.

We run thousands of on site experiments each year to gather even more data about what delights our users and ensure we are building with them in mind.

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Marketing Partners

Focusing on entertaining and informing our users makes us the perfect partner for businesses wanting to maximise their brands and reach their desired audience in the most efficient way possible.

There's a reason we earned a reputation as the best in the business.

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Our Tried and Tested Methodology

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for the User

We actively position ourselves at the cutting-edge of design when building and refining products, to make sure our users are delighted throughout their journey.

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Once we have launched a new product, we are only just getting started. We continuously work on refining and improving our products for the best user experience and conversion rates.

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Speed and stability are essential in any world class web product. Our developers build with tomorrow in mind to capture exactly that.

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Search engine optimisation is a cornerstone of our success and that is something we are proud of. We also use a variety of other strategies to make sure our products are being seen by the right people at the right time.

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for You

Our philosophy is that quality content will win in the long-term, so we work a team of writers and editors to keep those standards high.

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Why Legend Corp?

Over the past 16+ years we have launched more than 150 top-performing products and delivered epic results for both users and partners. We also work with partners on special projects where the outcome calls for a more bespoke approach.


building some of the worlds most successful products

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with market leading technology and quality


to our websites each year

volumes worth

of Game of Thrones published every year

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Our Global Partners

We work with industry leaders all around the world and we are always looking to spark a conversation or try something new and exciting. Talk to us today about how we could work together.

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Acquisition Opportunities

Plotting your next move?

Alongside working with partners to reach common goals, we actively look to take on new projects through acquisition. Our philosophy here is simple: take a product with a strong base and use our secret sauce to help take it to the next level.

If you have a product or group of products like this, we'd love to hear from you.

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