What We Do

What We Do - Legend Corp
We take an average website and make it legendary!

At Legend Corp, we're in the business of making big impressions. Our goal? To create legendary online guides that visitors find useful and love interacting with.

How do we do it? By developing websites, managing them and building them out to make a difference to the lives of those we connect with. And we never slow down in our quest to live up to the "Legend" in our name.

We believe that there's always a better way to do things. When others see a stagnant website with limited potential, we see opportunity. After coming up with an idea, we put together a comprehensive strategy to turn an ordinary web address into a best in breed destination.

We sell advertising to large companies around the world and manage Pay Per Performance campaigns to help them see a better ROI and prosper in ways they never thought possible. And as we do so, we ask ourselves these questions:

  • Does this website make a meaningful impact?
  • How can we make it even better for our visitors?
  • Does it blend in, stand out, or rise above and feel legendary?

So how do we help?

Our team of experts focus on several online marketing aspects to help make web properties legendary (because we don’t believe you should aim for anything less than that).

SEO: If you build it they will come! Well…No they won’t. They have to find you to come to you and that is where SEO comes in. There is no denying that SEO has become a complex beast and it continues to evolve and change. However, our people are well versed in best practices and current trends to ensure pages get visibility on search pages.

Content: In the online world, content is king. You want readers to find great, useful information when they come to one of your pages. We’ve produced thousands of online articles, millions of words of text, offering exactly that. Our team are also well versed in online formatting styles and content-based SEO.

Social Media Marketing: Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any one of the other big social media platforms, you need your voice there. Our experts make sure the right message is sent to the right people, giving each web property a voice that gets noticed for the right reasons.

Development: There is more to a site than just nice graphics and complementary colours. Speed, usability, functionality all play a vital role in having successful web properties. And we have people who can focus solely on those items to make sure that a website performs to the best of its ability.

Advertising: Whether it is PPC adverts on Google, Facebook advertising, or even how to maximize revenue from chosen partners on websites, our team can advise on how to get the most advantageous revenue stream from web-based real estate.

Ready to work with a business partner that thinks excellent isn't good enough? Get in touch with us at contact@legendcorp.com